IU Health Neuroscience Center (Phase I) Topping Out Ceremony

IU Health Neuroscience Center Construction Site
Indianapolis, Indiana
July 19, 2011

Thank you, Linda (Everett). It really is a great pleasure to join this distinguished group for this afternoon’s ceremony.

President George W. Bush proclaimed the 1990s “the decade of the brain,” heralding the dawn of a new era of discovery in brain research.  Praising the efforts of federal research agencies like the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Mental Health, along with the support of private foundations and industry, President Bush said, “The cooperation between these agencies and the multidisciplinary efforts of thousands of scientists and health care professionals provide powerful evidence of our nation’s determination to conquer brain disease.”1

Today I am proud to say that Indianapolis is home to many of those scientists and health care professionals who continue the work of conquering brain disease.  And today marks an important step towards a vision that will make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Of course, physicians and other health professionals will help make that difference, but university researchers will play a vital role as well:  researchers who study the causes and cures for pain, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, stroke, and other neurological diseases and disorders; researchers who refine and expand the capabilities of imaging technology; researchers who are dedicated to improving—and saving—human lives. 

Ultimately, this facility will unite researchers who are currently housed in many different places.  This new space, towards which we are rapidly moving, will create a synergy among researchers, fostering the collaborative research necessary to answer complicated questions about the human mind—some of the most challenging questions faced by modern researchers. 

With this center and this facility, IU Health and the IU School of Medicine will continue to advance nationally-recognized clinical and research capabilities in order to offer patients the latest and most effective treatments for neurological disorders.

IU Health continues to be a great partner in supporting Indiana University’s mission of educational and research excellence. With the help of IU Health, Indiana University has added 1.2 million square feet of teaching, research, and living space in the past several years. These facilities have created opportunities for faculty, staff, and students alike, and they help the university support the highest quality research, clinical care, education, and workforce development in the health sciences. 

Phase I of the IU Health Neuroscience Center is making remarkable progress. The next step will be the construction of Phase II—the IU School of Medicine’s $45 million Neuroscience Research Building, set to open in 2013. When complete, three floors of the Phase I building will physically connect with Phase II—fulfilling the vision for researchers and clinicians to have easy access to each other as they collaborate to bring bench research into the clinical arena faster.

Together, the IU School of Medicine and IU Health have achieved many medical “firsts.” We fully expect that tradition to continue with the creation of this new center.

Source Notes

  1. Bush, George.  Presidential Proclamation 6158.  17 July 1990.  “Project on the Decade of the Brain.”  Library of Congress Web site