IU Health Dedication Ceremony and News Conference

Indiana University
Fairbanks Hall Lobby
Indianapolis, Indiana
January 24, 2011

I am Michael McRobbie, and I am the president of Indiana University. It really is a great pleasure to join this distinguished group this afternoon for this major announcement. Let me pay tribute, especially to Dan Evans, but to also to all of the members of his team for their hard work and dedication in what is a true milestone in the history of health care in Indiana.

A name can be a powerful thing. Indiana University Health is a name that more effectively conveys the unique brand of healthcare that this organization consistently delivers.

Indiana University and the newly named Indiana University Health reaffirm what we both have in common:  a commitment to excellence and a commitment to the people of Indiana.
The leadership of Indiana University Health has been and will continue to be a great partner in supporting Indiana University’s mission of educational and research excellence.  Indiana University Health will also continue to take the nationally-recognized clinical and research capabilities of the IU School of Medicine under Dr. Brater’s capable leadership to nearly every corner of the state.

With the help of Indiana University Health, we have added 1.2 million square feet of teaching, research, and living space in the past several years. These facilities have created opportunities for faculty, staff, and students alike, and they make a major contribution to the university’s ability to support the highest quality research, clinical care, education, and workforce development in the health sciences.

Congratulations to all at IU Health.  We greatly look forward to our continued partnership to advance Indiana’s reputation as a leader in life sciences and to support even better the health needs of all Hoosiers.