"Statement for Academic Affairs Committee Regarding Research Numbers"

Board of Trustees Meeting
August 19, 2010

Chairman Shoulders, committee members, you have all no doubt heard me reference the fact that this has been an extraordinary year for Indiana University.

In very difficult financial times and often under very challenging conditions, our faculty in particular have made great achievements that, I believe, make it abundantly clear that Indiana University is unquestionably one of this state’s most successful enterprises.

Perhaps nothing speaks to this point more directly than the ongoing success we have had in attracting funding for research. Using any measure of the economic impact of such research, it is, I think, undeniable that we are not only engaging in the type of research that is leading to a deeper understanding of our world and will make our world a better place but that IU research is having a positive economic impact on our state today.

It is, therefore, my great pleasure and pride to announce that during the last fiscal year, Indiana University received a record $603.9 million in grants and awards for research and other sponsored programs.
The new record amount surpasses the previous record mark of $525.3 million set during the 2007-2008 fiscal year and includes record totals from federal, state and non-profit sources. And the figure from last year was around $485 million. 
Vice President José will drill down into these record numbers in just a moment, but let me first congratulate faculty, staff and students for their diligent efforts in helping achieve this remarkable milestone. 

I do not need to remind all of you what these numbers say about our outstanding faculty at Indiana University. The fact that they submitted over a $1 billion in research proposals suggests their remarkable productivity on that front, and the fact that they set a new record on awards indicates that they are in the forefront in one of the most competitive environments for research funding that we have ever experienced in higher education. And every research dollar that they bring in not only translates into a stronger university and but also helps strengthen the economy throughout the state.

The university’s research expenditures for FY2010—that is the actual amount spent during the course of the year—totaled $432 million. Analysts estimate the economic and employment impact of such funding in the state somewhere between 20 and 40 jobs per $1 million of funding. Even if we take the lower estimate, this represents well over 8,000 jobs supported by research funding awarded to IU. Of course, this is an approximation, but taken with other major successes IU has had in FY2010, it shows that we are one of the state’s most successful enterprises.

Now it is my pleasure to introduce Vice President for Research Jorge José, whom I first introduced to the Board of Trustees at the May meeting. As I mentioned then, Vice President José previously served as the vice president for research at SUNY Buffalo, where he oversaw the growth of research expenditures at the university from $259 million in 2005 to $350 million in 2009, an increase of more than 35 percent.

Vice President José has had a distinguished career as a physicist and is a fellow both of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the American Physical Society.  Currently, he is a professor of Physics and also holds a James H. Rudy Professorship in Physics.

He officially began his tenure on August 1, and now, 19 days later, he has the privilege of sharing with you details of our record-breaking research numbers.