"Clarian Health-Bloomington Hospital Press Conference"

Wegmiller Auditorium
Bloomington Hospital
January 7, 2010


Thank you, Mark.

It is my great pleasure to be joining this distinguished group on such a memorable day for the city of Bloomington. My congratulations to Mark Moore, President and CEO of Bloomington Hospital, and Dan Evans, President and CEO of Clarian Health Partners, to the whole Board of the Bloomington Hospital, the Board of Clarian, and all members of the community who have worked together to reach this milestone.

I am proud to be here today representing Clarian, the largest healthcare provider in the state; the IU School of Medicine, the second largest medical school in the country; and this area’s largest constituent group: the faculty, staff, and students of Indiana University.

IU and Bloomington Hospital: A Long Partnership

Today marks the latest step in a long partnership between Indiana University and the Bloomington Hospital. That partnership dates back to at least 1960. That year, the first students in what is now know as the Medical Sciences Program took their intro to medicine courses at Bloomington Hospital. Since then, students in that program have been paired with physicians at Bloomington Hospital, who teach them clinical medicine, history and physical examination skills, and who take students on rounds. Every student in this program trains at Bloomington Hospital in those first two years. I cannot stress enough how important this experience is in their medical education. Indiana University greatly appreciates Bloomington Hospital’s generosity and commitment to providing essential opportunities for IU students.

Of course, there are other aspects to that partnership, including the quality medical library the hospital maintains, the hospital staff members who coordinate physician and student interaction, and the twice weekly continuing medical education program based at the hospital. One of the greatest signs of that partnership is the fact that more than half of the active medical staff at Bloomington Hospital graduated from the IU School of Medicine.

Building on Partnership for Better Health

Today we are building on this historically strong partnership as we integrate the Bloomington Hospital System with Clarian Health.

As many of you know, Clarian Health was established as a partnership of Indiana University and Methodist Hospital that includes Riley Hospital for Children and was formed in 1997. Wherever you see a Clarian hospital, you are actually also seeing Indiana University. We should remember the pivotal role the late Myles Brand, IU’s 16th president, played in forging this partnership over a decade ago. One of the largest health systems in the nation, Clarian helps bring the breakthrough research and clinical expertise of the IU School of Medicine to nearly every corner of the state and contributes daily to the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers. Now it will contribute to the health of people right here in Bloomington.

This integration could not come at a better time. In times of economic uncertainty, and uncertainty about health care reform in particular, we need to continue to look for ways to generate greater efficiencies without compromising on health care options and delivery. Greater efficiency means greater coordination, less duplication, and ultimately better care for patients. And better care for patients means better health. IU faculty, staff, and students, along with the residents of south central Indiana, deserve no less.

It is visionary partnerships like this that will allow us—together—to provide the very best care in the most efficient manner possible; our goal should be a model others strive to emulate.

Again, congratulations on this milestone and thank you very much.