Celebrating the Impact of IUPUI’s Generous Supporters

IUPUI Impact Campaign Closing Celebration
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indianapolis, Indiana
September 28, 2013

[Following Dan Smith’s remarks, videos offering highlights of the IUPUI Impact Campaign were shown. Following dinner and remarks by IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz, President McRobbie returned to the podium.] 

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Thank you, Barbara.

I am delighted to be with you all this evening as we celebrate the culmination of the IUPUI Impact Campaign and the many ways it has built on the remarkable legacy of generosity that has shaped Indiana University.

Let me take a moment to introduce my wife Laurie Burns McRobbie, the First Lady of Indiana University.

I am also pleased that a number of Trustees of Indiana University could join us this evening. With us tonight are Chair of the Trustees Tom Riley and his wife Bonnie; Vice-Chair of the Trustees MaryEllen Bishop and her husband Michael; Bill Cast and his wife Anita; Jim Morris; Randy Tobias; and student trustee Janice Farlow. Please join me in welcoming them.

I am also very pleased to welcome State Senator Thomas Wyss, who represents Indiana’s 15th Senate District.

We are also joined by two former members of the Indiana Supreme Court: Justices Ted Boehm and Frank Sullivan. Would you help me welcome them?

Also with us tonight are many of the dedicated members of the IU Foundation Board. Would all our Foundation Board members please stand for our greetings and thanks?

I am also very pleased that a number of members of the Riley Children's Foundation Board of Governors are with us tonight. Would you join me in welcoming Board Chairman Jim Morris; IUPUI Chancellor Emeritus Jerry Bepko; former vice president for university clinical affairs and former dean of the IU School of Medicine, Craig Brater; and former IU Trustee Danny Danielson?

I am sure that most of you in this room are aware of the wonderful work that occurs at Riley Hospital for Children. Inspired by that excellent work, and as a way of encouraging others to support the Impact campaign, Laurie and I endowed a graduate fellowship for students at the IU School of Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics at Riley in memory of my late mother, who cared deeply for children and possessed a life-long commitment to child health, particularly in the fields of physiatry and neurodevelopment.

We owe much of the success of IUPUI Impact to those who have served as co-chairs and honorary chairs of the campaign. I will ask them to stand as I introduce them, and I ask that you hold your applause until all are introduced.

You have already met campaign co-chair and IU Trustee Randy Tobias and the honorary co-chair of the campaign, IUPUI Chancellor Emeritus Jerry Bepko—but I will ask them both to stand again. Also with us tonight is Bill Moreau, a member of the IUPUI Board of Advisors and a former Trustee of Purdue University. Would you join me in expressing our deepest thanks to the Impact Campaign co-chairs?

I also extend our thanks to campaign co-chairs Pat Miller of Vera Bradley; Lacy Johnson, who serves on the IUPUI Board of Advisors; and honorary co-chair Steve Beering, President Emeritus of Purdue University and former dean of the IU School of Medicine, all of whom express their regrets that they could not be with us this evening.

And finally, I ask all the campaign chairs for the individual schools to stand as a group for our recognition.

Remarkable Legacies of Generosity

Tonight we are here to celebrate the most ambitious—and the most successful—capital campaign in Indiana University’s history.

Over the past seven years, the IUPUI Impact Campaign has galvanized thousands of IU supporters.

Among the major donors to this campaign are some of the families and institutions whose legendary generosity over many years has helped to transform Indiana University and the IUPUI campus.

A gift of $30 million from the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Family Foundation, for example, provided the support necessary for the creation of the Glick Eye Institute, which provides clinical space, research labs, and an administrative home for the Department of Ophthalmology at the IU School of Medicine.

A gift of $50 million from Melvin and Bren Simon allowed the IU Cancer Center to become the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center and to build upon its vigorous, innovative research and educational programs.

The extraordinary generosity of the late Jesse and Beulah Cox also contributed to the success we celebrate tonight. Prior to the beginning of this campaign, the Cox Scholars Program was established with an initial gift of $15 million. A later gift from the couple’s estate brought the total for the scholarship fund to $92 million. The scholarships reward students at IUPUI and in Bloomington who balance work and school in the pursuit of their degrees.

We are also deeply grateful for the generous investments made by business and industry that help IU achieve its goals. Among IU’s many corporate supporters are our friends at Eli Lilly and Company. During the Impact campaign, Eli Lilly and Company contributed more than $45 million in pharmaceuticals and supplies to IU’s groundbreaking AMPATH program in Eldoret, Kenya, one of the largest, most comprehensive and innovative HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programs in the world. Laurie and I returned just three weeks ago from leading an IU delegation to Africa. As part of that trip, I was the first IU president to ever visit the AMPATH program. I will not soon forget the sobering images of crowded medical wards, children exposed to and possibly infected with HIV, and bottles of medications stacked ten rows high. The generous in-kind support that AMPATH has received from Eli Lilly and Company has been integral to the program’s success, and has helped to save many, many lives.

And, of course, just as it has been for many, many decades, the extraordinarily generous support of our friends at Lilly Endowment has been instrumental to our success over the course of this campaign. Lilly Endowment is one of the nation’s major philanthropic organizations and their support for Indiana University has been nothing short of transformative.

The Endowment’s gift of $40 million in 2006 to the Center on Philanthropy, which has now become the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy—the first of its kind in the world, is helping IU to remain at the forefront in philanthropy research, education, and training.

In total over the years, Lilly Endowment and members of the Lilly family have given the school and the former center nearly $100 million to improve philanthropy.

And Lilly Endowment’s generous 2009 gift of $60 million in support of the Indiana Physician Scientist Initiative has allowed the School of Medicine to recruit doctors who have expertise in a scientific research field. The Initiative promotes the development of vital scientific discoveries in the laboratory, and helps turn those discoveries into new products and treatments that benefit patients and produce new companies and jobs.

I am particularly delighted that Lilly Endowment President Clay Robbins could be with us tonight. On behalf of Indiana University, I would like to express to him our deep gratitude to the Lilly Endowment for their unwavering support of IU that has, over the decades, been so crucial to our ability to further the mission of our great university.


We also owe a debt of gratitude to leaders from across the IUPUI campus and across the university whose dedicated efforts have helped to make possible the achievement we celebrate tonight. We all owe our thanks to IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz; Executive Vice Chancellor Nasser Paydar, and his predecessor, Uday Sukhatme. I also want to thank IU Foundation President Dan Smith; his predecessor, Gene Tempel, who is now dean of the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; former Foundation President Curt Simic, who helped launch the campaign before his retirement in 2008; Dee Metaj, the Foundation’s vice president of development for IUPUI; the IU Foundation Board and staff; and the deans and development officers across the IUPUI campus.

But we owe our deepest gratitude to the unwavering generosity, dedication, and loyalty of the nearly 100,000 university alumni and friends who contributed to this campaign. The enormous impact of your generosity, which has touched so many lives, is experienced and appreciated by all members of the Indiana University community.

If you are like me, you want to know the final number, and I will be delighted to share that with you… after dinner.

The Power of Philanthropy

For now, let me just conclude by saying that philanthropic support, like yours, is now at the heart of what type of an institution IU is and will be. Your inspiring generosity and the vigorous progress of Indiana University and of the IUPUI campus are inextricably linked.

On behalf of this great university, please accept my deep and enduring gratitude for your vision and your leadership in making this evening’s celebration possible.

Now, it is my pleasure to welcome to the podium the president of the Indiana University Foundation. Please join me in welcoming Dan Smith.

A Toast to Campaign's Succee

It is my great privilege and pleasure to raise my glass to all of you and the role that you have played in the phenomenal success of the largest campaign in Indiana University’s history.

Please join me in raising your glasses in a toast to the teamwork, the vision, the dedication, and above all, the remarkable generosity that will help the students, faculty, and staff of the IUPUI campus to achieve even greater heights. To the IUPUI Impact Campaign.  Cheers.

The Announcement

Now, the number you have all been waiting for: It gives me great pleasure to announce that the IUPUI Impact Campaign has raised a total of $1,394,816,419 (one billion, three hundred ninety-four million, eight hundred sixteen thousand, four hundred nineteen dollars).