New discoveries in the life sciences benefit Indiana in two ways: by contributing to statewide economic stability through new business and job growth and by improving the overall health of Indiana citizens.

Indiana University has long been at the forefront of health care. IU faculty were the first medical professionals in the state to perform a pediatric heart transplant. And IU oncologist Lawrence Einhorn developed a treatment for testicular cancer that brought the survival rate from 10 percent to 95 percent.

Through its partnership with IU Health, a private, nonprofit organization, IU provides advanced medical care to thousands of Hoosiers each year through these facilities:

IU School of Medicine physicians, students, and researchers also work closely with these Indianapolis hospitals:

As part of Indiana University’s ongoing life sciences initiative, Hoosiers can expect to see more prevention and treatment programs aimed at the state’s most critical health problems, from diabetes and obesity to cancer and cardiovascular disease.