President McRobbie

Degrees of Excellence

An IU education must be excellent as well as accessible and affordable to every citizen in Indiana.

Building a Strong Academic Core

Through his presidential committees, IU President Michael A. McRobbie is bringing together faculty, administrators, and students to ensure academic programs on every IU campus continue to be relevant, high-quality, and effective.

Currently, those committees include:

  • New Academic Directions – Examining whether IU’s current schools, departments, and degree programs meet the needs of today’s students.
  • Teaching & Learning – Examining whether current instructional practices are the most effective.
  • Old Crescent Academic Working Group – Examining ways to reallocate space in IU Bloomington’s historic Old Crescent to include more classrooms and laboratories.

Increasing the Availability of Financial Aid

Research shows students with sufficient funding to cover two-thirds of their expenses graduate at twice the rate of students receiving less aid.

The impact of financial aid on graduation rates is dramatic and undeniable. In an effort to boost graduation rates at every IU campus and fulfill the university’s promise of affordable education for all Indiana families, President McRobbie launched the Degrees of Excellence initiative in 2007.

The program calls for each IU campus to reallocate 5 percent of its existing non-academic budget toward financial aid and other programs that encourage the completion of degree requirements, including: