President McRobbie

Bicentennial Steering Committee Recommendations

May 2016


This report is intended for internal use to help establish a common intellectual framework for Indiana University’s Bicentennial, and to identify core principles and values that can be used to develop both communications and marketing materials and processes for evaluating proposals for IU Bicentennial initiatives. It should be used as a foundation for planning and communicating for the three phases of the Bicentennial Celebrations: 2016-2019, 2019-2020 (the Bicentennial Year), and 2020 and Beyond. Lists of specific initiatives, events, and celebrations included herein are meant to serve as examples and official program components will be provided through the IU Bicentennial website, which will be revised continuously from now through the conclusion of the IU Bicentennial program.


The Bicentennial Year (2019-2020) and the period leading up to it provide a truly unique opportunity to reflect upon the university’s history and to catalyze new initiatives at thes tart of the institution’s third century. It will also provide numerous occasions to showcase IU’s extraordinary intellectual resources in science, its world-class programs and facilities in the arts and humanities, and its distinguished history of contributions to the people of Indiana, the state and the world. It will be an opportunity to celebrate not only within the university community on all campuses, but also with all the communities across Indiana who are so closely intertwined with these campuses, the people of the State of Indiana, and the hundreds of thousands of IU alumni, colleagues, friends, and supporters around the country and globe. Bicentennial Planning commences as Indiana University implements two major new initiatives that will conclude in the Bicentennial Year: the Bicentennial Strategic Plan, a visionary, comprehensive, and wide-ranging plan, complemented by campus, school, department and unit plans; and For All: TheBicentennial Campaign for Indiana University, a $2.5 billion campaign, IU’s largest and first all-campus campaign.

To read the entire report, including the Committee’s recommendetions, open this PDF. To learn more about the IU Bicentennial, visit